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Custom Solutions

NMPI can address strength, durability and reliability issues across an exceptionally broad range of applications. Our understanding of the behavior of DSND helps us create unique solutions for unusual problems. For example, DSND, in addition to adding strength, durability or lubricity also has effects in the realms of temperature, viscosity and suppression of electro-conductivity.

NMPI develops customized and optimized solutions that advance the state of the art in materials science. NMPI can also produce refinements to existing solutions that are only possible with DSND. We begin with your problem definition. Typical areas are lubricity increasing thin film strength, wear reducing chroming strategies, polymer material strength, elasticity and durability. NMPI looks at existing processes and materials, hypothesizes approaches, analyzes a variety of materials and processes, and creates the best overall solution.

Our staff includes physicists, chemists and engineers with decades of experience and an unusually high level of creativity.

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