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About Us

Nano Materials and Processes, Inc. (“NMPI”)

Our products and services result from more than 40 years of research and development in materials science. Our concepts are supported by extensive university research, published papers, independently certified test results using methods that frequently exceed those specified by ASTM and the successful development of commercial and military applications.

NMPI offers its customers unique opportunities to exploit a trove of intellectual property and R&D resources to obtain strategic advantage and competitive edge for their products and to solve existing product, materials or operational problems. Deliverables may be off-the-shelf nano-materials solutions, custom applications of nano-materials, licensing of our intellectual property or consulting in materials science, electrochemical deposition or tribology.

NMPI solutions drive profits. Our customers gain competitive advantage from significant strength and durability improvement:

  • Displace heavier materials with lighter weight materials
  • Reduce the amount of material needed
  • Reduce down time for tooling changes by 20% or more by extending tool or part life
  • Improve surface finish quality by mitigating the risk of micro welding events in machine tool cutting applications
  • Extended mold life in compression and extrusion applications
  • Extended mold and die life in drawn over mandrel applications
  • Improve performance and durability and reduce the cost of maintenance or replacement in most applications involving pumps, pistons, gears or engines

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